There is a lot of talk from the last few days on the internet about Web3. Today we will show detailed information about web3. Someone is saying – Web 3.0 will change the way of using the Internet, someone is saying that Web 3.0 is the metaverse. Let’s Try to find out what it really is. 
Confused What is Web3 Will this end Google monopoly

To understand Web 3.0, let’s start with Web 1.0. The World Wide Web ie WWW was started in 1989. The internet of then was very different from the internet of today. Because then you used to get information on the Internet only in text format. After this came Web 2.0. Web 2.0 means the existing Internet is controlled in a way and is not decentralized. Most of the internet content you search through Google and Google is a private company. These companies have the data of the users and because of this, they have more power.

Web 3.0 Relation with Cryptocurrency

Google can use its search engine to its advantage if it wants. Many times the company has also been accused that Google search results have been rigged for its own benefit. Similarly, the second example is Meta (formerly Facebook). Meta has many platforms – WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are the main ones. If this company wants, it can manipulate your content in its own way and the company has also been accused.

This will not happen in Web 3.0. This is because the concept of Web 3.0 is to decentralize the Internet. It will be based on blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are also based on the blockchain. This is the reason why the cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency.

Decentralized currency means here your money is not in any bank. In normal currency, your money is in the bank and if the bank sinks, then sometimes people also suffer huge losses. Chances of fraud are also high.

How Web3 will change Internet?

After coming to Web 3.0, you will have more power. Your content will be yours and you will get a token in return. Whether you post your content on any platform, you will have the right to that content.

For example, if you have shared any content on Facebook or YouTube, then in a way it becomes theirs. They can use your content in their own way. This will not happen in Web 3.0. No company here will decide whether to remove or keep your content. Many times your content is removed from social media or it happens that you cannot post any content at all.

In Web 3.0 people will control their own data. Because here the data will not be with anyone company like Web 2.0. Just as in blockchain technology, the account of cryptocurrencies is not with any one company, but with the people who are in this blockchain network. That is those people who hold cryptocurrencies.

In Web 3.0 too, the data will be in every user’s device, not on a central server, like the blockchain. However, it will be encrypted, so no one will be able to know which user’s data is where. In such a situation, the way some companies have monopoly in social media and the internet, will not remain.